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Thanks for stopping by. About Sam Mahshi, MBA.…

Sam Mahshi, MBA.

Mortgage Advisor

My name is Sam Mahshi, a Sr. Mortgage Consultant at Preferred Mortgage, Inc. I have lived in the Bay Area practically all my life. As a son of very ambitious and hardworking immigrant parents, who landed in SF via Boston, MA in the late 60’s to create and live the dream of a bright future in the land of opportunity, hard work, and integrity is integrated into my fiber and still remains the strong bind of my path. In my spare time, I am an avid sports fan of baseball, football, and basketball. I play basketball and softball in different men’s leagues. Most importantly, I love spending time with the family, my wife and two daughters–traveling, attending church, and love BBQing for our big family gatherings.

I have been in the Mortgage lending business now for over 25 years, originating loans, business development and sales management, underwriting, training and recruiting.  I have experienced various economic times, and lending environments, all under several various leaderships and organizations.  The common thread for me in all those years is my passion and drive in helping people reach their goals.

I have earned a Master’s in Business Administration from Golden Gate University, Bachelor’s of Science in Business Administration, California Department of Real Estate license, and National Mortgage license.

Typically, your largest purchase is your home.  In purchasing a home, proper mortgage/finance planning is required to make your home buying experience a success. I am glad to assist in approaching your mortgage planning from a short and long-term standpoint and how it compliments your overall financial picture.  I am equipped with the knowledge, tools, resources, and array of lenders and programs to help you reach your goals.

I invite you to contact me to begin the exploration and education of one of the most important financial decision in your life.  My many years of experience in the business on a full-time professional basis will allow me to provide you with exceptional service and care to navigate you through the process of financing your home!

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